At Wicked Awesome Snacks, we are constantly working on developing new cookies, desserts and other munchies. We hope that you will discover new flavor combinations and find your own favorite. Below are some recent examples of our snacks. We hope you want a bite.

El Diablo
Legend has it that the recipe for this cookie was found at the crossroads. Our unique double chocolate chip cookie has a hint of cinnamon and other spices, with a warming heat. Great for a special snack while watching football or served warm with vanilla ice cream.

Happy Birthday to Me
Celebrate like its your birthday. The best of both desserts are combined in our wicked awesome cookie. Cookies and birthday cake join forces to make what some believe is the perfect cookie.

Jerry’s Heavenly Bite
This cookie is an unexpected gift from above. It is a non-melting Cherry Garcia. A chocolate cookie, loaded with chocolate chips, cherries, walnuts, ice cream cone bites and more. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

A Little Whoopie
Our adult twist on a classic whoopie pie (or gobs if you are from Pennsylvania). We have a semi-traditional chocolate cake with a salted caramel frosting (made with fleur de sel) sandwiched in between, for that grown up taste.

Scott’s It’s All Good Granola
How can a Granola be Wicked Awesome? If it was up to Paul, we would not make, sell or go anywhere near granola. No butter, no vanilla, no chocolate – how awesome can it be? Fortunately, Paul was convinced that he was wrong after a bite of Scott’s It’s All Good Granola.

Scott spent a year developing his mind blowing delicious recipe. Scott passionately believes that it is the world’s best tasting granola and he has hundreds of hungry granola fans that agree. Low and slow is the secret to Scott’s cooking process and the result is a granola that even non-granola people will love. It is great as a quick snack, a topping for yogurt or ice cream, or even as a breakfast cereal.

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